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It’s so difficult choosing the right photographer for your wedding day – I know – and I’m so glad that you’ve found me.  Now we can start the exciting conversation about the day you’ll be getting married and the ways in which you’d like to be able to remember it.

There’s something about weddings that I just can’t get enough of. It’s the feeling that made me choose to be a wedding photographer, and that keeps me coming back for more. It’s just this:


A wedding day is HAPPINESS, in abundance.

People in love, having found each other after all, and promising forever to each other on a day filled with family, friends, laughter…There’s really nothing better.


My promise to you…

Because I realize that your happiness on your wedding day is what it’s all about, I make this promise to you, as I do to each and every one of my couples:

I promise that you will feel TAKEN CARE OF on your wedding day.

I promise that your only job will be to enjoy the moment.

I promise that FLEXIBILITY will rule, and your wedding’s important moments will be captured.

I promise that you will feel SECURE in the knowledge that “Jen will take care of it!”

And finally, I promise that I’ll love every moment I get to witness you experiencing one of the happiest days of your life.






My Style

Often the first question I’m asked by prospective clients is


To me, style comes in two-parts:

Image Style: or, “What do my images look like?” I’m a contemporary lifestyle photographer who loves to capture real moments, natural expressions, and authentic emotions. Many of my favorite images are those split seconds in between moments of posing, when everyone cracks up and faces light up. I love a bright, airy, fresh feel to images, colors that are natural, tones that are balanced. Check out my Galleries, my Blog, and of course Facebook and Instagram to see!

Working Style: or, “How do I approach photographing a wedding?” I think of a wedding day as I believe it should be: as one of the most important days of your life. Each and every wedding is unique to me because of you. I take seriously the job of taking care of you, and work to ensure you have an easy and fun experience with photo time on your day. But don’t take it from me! You can see lots of reviews from my happy couples on my Details page, and also on WeddingWire.

My Story

I’ve been a photographer since 2003, and shot my first wedding in 2005. I’ve had the joy of spending time with nearly 200 couples on their wedding days.

Before I was a photographer I was a ‘marine mammal bioacoustician.’ It’s true! In my pre-creative life I was a scientist, and spent my days at the University of Hawaii studying and conducting research in the field of dolphin echolocation. I worked with some of the world’s experts in biosonar and especially loved my time with my Risso’s Dolphin lady, Hana.

But I was always drawn to photography, documentaries, and storytelling. So after my master’s degree was ink on paper, I made the decision that I was going to just do it – and I picked up a camera and started shooting. One chapter was complete and another began, and I haven’t looked back.

Today, I shoot weddings almost exclusively because there really is nothing more rewarding.

I love mentoring new photographers, and collaborating with my peers. I’m the local leader of the Napa+Sonoma Rising Tide Society, a group of creative entrepreneurs who meet each month to encourage each other and promote the mission of ‘Community over Competition’.


I’m so honored that my work has been recognized, awarded,  featured & published in print and online, too:

   GreyLikesWeddings-100px   The Knot Best of Weddings   Brides.com          



My Loves

I am wife to my great guy, mom to my two precious daughters, companion to two crazy dogs, and roommate to two perfect little cats. (Yep, that’s four critters!)

I love coffee. And wine. And naps. And yoga, too.

When I have time, I’m crazy for family genealogy.

I love floating on water: sailing, kayaking, paddling – all so wonderful.

I am 40-something, and proud to be.

I think every person I have photographed is beautiful in their own way.



So now, let me hear YOUR STORY. Reach out and say HI, and let me know what your wishes and dreams are for the photography on your wedding day. I can’t wait to hear all about it. – XO, Jen

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